Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Blog Review

   Alex Fights Leukemia

A wonderful blog about a young "super hero rock-star princess" as her parents would say. She was diagnosed January 18 2013. Lucky for her family, Leukemia in children is over 90% curable. Her exact diagnosis is Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The doctors at Morgan Stanley Children's hospital said it would take two years of treatment and she would be cancer free. This was her treatment Phase 1. Induction. This is the most intense.  We will be in-patient for 32 days and by the end of this time the aim is for all leukemia cells in her bone marrow to be eliminated.  By the end of this time, her leukemia will be in remission. Phase 2. Consolidation 1. After some time at home she will come back into the hospital for 5 days.Phase 3. CNS Four spinal taps over a two week period. Phase 4. Consolidation 2.  Twenty seven weeks of once a week chemo. Alex's chemo day is Monday. Every Monday we spend anywhere between 4-9 hours at the hospital. Phase 5. Continuation. On March 4 2014 she was cancer free. the blog  tells a life changing story for a little girl her parents and her older brother. Going back and forth to a hospital every few days for two years. Having to see your child go under the knife, getting a pacemaker and go through chemo would be hard for her mother and father.

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