Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Dreaded C Word

Last word you ever want to hear.
From friends, family or the vet.
They say treatment may help,
but for how long 
weeks, months, years.
Can it come back?
They can not guarantee,  
As the body ate by chemicals.
Life has changed 
hair is lost, 
energy is gone, 
Unsure of future
life or death 
no one is sure. 
To live another day,
to see your kids or grand kids
 grow  to have there own
You will never know.


  1. That is a great poem I really like it. I like how it just opens up and how it ends. Its really good!

  2. I really enjoyed your poem. The amount of emotion put into this piece makes it very powerful. The title also fits it perfectly, cancer is a word no one wants to hear. You did a great job, keep on writing!

  3. this was such a deep poem. Also very true. Some people are just alive for days and it is really sad and heart braking. It is really good in showing emotion.