Monday, January 12, 2015

Reason For Blog

I want to learn natural treatments for cancer because many of my family members have been diagnosed with it. They were given the option to do  chemotherapy but, they would have shorter life.Because of this most of them decided against it and said they didn't want to suffer more.

By doing this blog I would like to cover these questions I have.I know there is a big controversy over if its effective or not? I have some questions: Will it reduce cancerous cells?  What causes them to form? What if there is no physical reason such as tobacco use, poor diet and exposure to radiation? What's the leading cause? Genetic default in cancer? Whats the side effects of natural treatments? What's the effects of chemo and other treatment/therapies? Statistics? Leading cause? By learning about this it will give me a better understanding and hopefully help you too.


  1. This is a great topic and you can go very far with it. I think it will help a lot of people in the world. I would love to read more about it. Super job!!!!

  2. It must be difficult to be fight against cancer. I’m very glad you made this blog to find solutions to cancer. People with cancer are an great example of not to give up, they always have a smile on their face even though it’s getting worse. Hope you find the answers and I’m sure you will.